Find out more about us!What are the times of our sessions?
    Our preschool is open Monday to Friday.

    Morning sessions
    begin at 8.45am and end at 11.45am and are open to all children.
    Afternoon sessions begin at 11.50am and end at 2.50pm.
    Full days - children are welcome to come to preschool for a full day which incorporates the morning and afternoon sessions - 8.45am start to a 2.50pm finish time. This is a great way to help them get used to a full school day.
    Lunchtime - children attending an afternoon or full day session bring their lunch with them and eat altogether with the other children and staff. This is a good opportunity to develop independence and mealtime etiquette.

    How much is each session?
    Each session costs £10.50. We send out an invoice during the first week of each half term and are paid in advance. 
    Fees are payable at full rate for every session booked, irrespective of attendance (e.g. absence through illness or holiday). 

    When is my child eligible for The Free Entitlement To Early Learning and Childcare?
    This is available for all children from the beginning of the term following their third birthday. Each child is eligible for 15 hours of free childcare per week. You will receive a form and contract to complete during the first two weeks of the term, which is used to access your allowance from the County Council.

    What is the adult:child ratio?
    Our ratio is high. We have 1 adult carer to each 5 children. If we go out into the village for a walk then the ratio is 1 adult for every 2 children.

    How many children does the Preschool take per session?
    We have up to 16 children per morning session and 12 per afternoon session.

    What sort of activities does the Preschool offer?
    Lots of opportunities to have fun and learn at the same time - 
    Organised activities such as crafts, messy play, painting, drawing and colouring and mark making.
    Free play areas including our regularly changing role play area, sand and water play, small world, construction, table top games and puzzles.
    Children also have access to a large selection of books to look at and read with staff in our quiet, reading corner, as well as use of our preschool laptop which has a selection of fun, preschool learning games on it.
    We offer the choice of all these activities both indoors and outside. Our ‘Free Play’ policy means that once the register has been taken, the door is opened so that children can decide whether to play indoors or out.
    We run themes throughout each week depending on the time of year, current events, seasons or celebrations, and depending on what the children are interested in. These themes flow throughout the activities which the children engage in.

    What sort of things will my child learn at Preschool?
    The children’s play activities support areas of learning that form an essential basis for later study in school and beyond. While the emphasis is on learning through play, the curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage and the seven areas of learning:-
    · Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    · Communication and Language
    · Mathematics/Numeracy
    · Understanding the World
    · Literacy
    · Physical Development
    · Expressive Arts and Design
    The Foundation Stage is the period of education for all children from birth until the end of the Reception Year (the first year of school).
    During each session staff will do different observations on the children to determine what parts of the Foundation Stage they are learning. Activities will then be planned in order for the children to progress further.If you have any questions regarding the Foundation Stage, please feel free to ask a member of staff.

    Which schools do Aldwincle Preschool children go on to?
    Preschool is next door to Trinity C of E Primary School in Aldwincle and many children move on to the Reception class there. We have close links with Trinity and children spend time there with our staff each half term in order to experience time in a Reception class. This is useful for all children to experience, even if they are moving on to other local schools. The school website is  . Not all children move on to Trinity school, some children move on to Laxton School in Oundle, Bigstock Primary or Thrapston Primary. Children from Aldwincle Preschool also go on to attend other local schools including Brigstock C of E, Oundle C of E, Thrapston C of E, Titchmarsh C of E and Laxton Junior School in Oundle as well as some others.

     How does the Preschool collaborate with parents?

    At Aldwincle Preschool we believe that when staff work together with parents/carers, children are likely to learn more successfully. Every effort is made to ensure parents feel welcome, that their contribution to their child’s education is recognised and valued and that they feel sufficiently confident to approach and trust the staff. We encourage parents to respect the position and role of each staff member and their experience in providing care for young children and meeting their needs.

    Changes in family circumstances or domestic routine can make children feel insecure, thus affecting their behaviour or general personality. We like to keep close links with parents and encourage them to let staff know of any changes at home, so that we may help the child and parent cope with any difficulties. All such information will be treated confidentially.
    Canhelp at Preschool?
    Parents are encouraged to become involved in Preschool activities. You could help in any of the following ways:
    Come in as a ‘Parent helper’ during a session once in a while
    Join the Parent Committee. You can have a say in the running of the preschool
    Help with fundraising
    Spend time with the children by discussing or demonstrating some aspect of your profession or a talent e.g. baking, craft, fireman, nurse etc.
    Please speak to a member of staff if you are interested in becoming more involved at Preschool as you would be very welcome!

    I am worried about my child starting Preschool
    Each child is different and will react differently to their start at Preschool. It will be a good idea to bring your child in to visit the setting before their start date. This will enable your child to become familiar with their new surroundings and the staff and the other children.

    On your child’s first day, you can discuss any individual needs your child may have and about leaving them. If you would like to stay with your child for a few sessions that will be fine.

    Does Aldwincle Preschool have a key person system?
    Yes. Each child has their own key person. This is one of the members of staff who will become a special person in your child’s life whilst at Preschool. The key person will also collate observations about your child and use these to ensure your child’s next steps are included in the planning, then the observations will be put into your child’s Learning Journey File.

    Can my child share news and celebrations from home at Preschool?
    Yes. We have regular news times where children can share news.

    When is my child too unwell to attend Preschool?
    Children who are unwell and/or suffering from an infectious illness should be kept at home, minor colds expected. If your child is suffering from something more serious than a cold, it is unfair to them and the other children in the setting to send them to Preschool. Please inform the Manager if your child is suffering from an infectious disease such as conjunctivitis, chicken pox, impetigo, scabies etc. If your child is prescribed antibiotics, we would ask you not to send your child to Preschool until 48hours after the course has started.

    If your child has been vomiting and/or has diarrhoea, we would ask you not to send them to Preschool until they have been free from symptoms for 48 hours.

    In the event that a member of staff notices that a child has head lice, the parent/carer will be notified and treatment recommended.
    How will I find out about the things happening at Preschool?
    At the beginning of each half term you will receive an Information Leaflet which will tell you about the sort of activities we will be doing during upcoming sessions throughout the term. You can also recieve information via Parentmail which enables you to receive newsletters and texts via phone and email, plus a handy calendar which includes our events and things going on at Preschool. All you have to do is sign up using a code that you will recieve on your child's start at Preschool.  

    Are your staff regularly DBS checked?
    Yes. All staff and regular volunteers have relevant DBS checks and it is the staff who will tend to any children needing toiletry help or changing nappies.