What are the Aims and Values of Aldwincle Preschool?

    Our Aims are for all children to be encouraged to be themselves and to:
    - Grow in self-confidence, experience success and thus develop a good self-image
    - Develop
    at their own rate through challenging, progressive play
    - Learn to play co-operatively and share with others
    - Communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings clearly to both adults and children
    - Deepen and lengthen concentration through their natural spontaneous curiosity and interests
    - Choose and explore a wide range of materials which allow them to express themselves appropriately and creatively
    - Share in the wonder and excitement created by books, stories, songs, rhymes, music and the natural environment
    - Appreciate and practise social skills and learning to care for others
    - Enjoy the satisfaction of work well done and share this with their parents

    Our Values
    - Young children are entitled to their childhood
    - All children are treated equally
    - As well as the primary needs, the need for acceptance, love, approval, encouragement and security are crucial to the development of the young child and to the promotion of a good self-image
    - Parents are valued as their children’s first educators and are viewed as active partners of the preschool staff
    - It is in the nature of the young child to be active. Purposeful and structured play is vital to all aspects of his/her development
    - The child's past experiences, individual attributes and abilities should be recognised, accepted and built upon