This is what some of our past and current parents have to say about us -

    "Both my boys went to Aldwincle preschool and my daughter will go next year. It gave them a fantastic, holistic foundation in a safe, rural setting and my boys grew in confidence and absolutely thrived there. With it's close links to Trinity Lower the transfer to 'big school' was easy and the boys started their reception year already confident in their surroundings and ready to learn!"
    Mum of 3

    "I credit Aldwincle Preschool with helping my son develop strong friendships and independence, and making his transition to "big school" seamless. My younger son is now at Preschool and has grown in confidence massively. He is making real headway with his learning, thanks to the support and expertise of the staff."
    Mum of 3

    "I am always recommending Aldwincle Preschool to local families. The staff provided our daughter with a great preschool experience. She is one of the oldest children in her year group and needed lots of stimulation in the year before she started school, and also a lot of confidence-boosting. Alison was fantastic at finding activities to suit her interests and learning needs, and also helping her to come out of herself. She was treated like an individual and I could see that every other child was too. Such a nurturing foundation meant that starting school went smoothly and she is now thriving socially."
    Mum of 1

    "My youngest daughter is about to come to the end of her time at Aldwincle Preschool, having followed her sister in her footsteps. Our four years at the preschool have been very enjoyable and the girls have loved the homely atmosphere that Alison and her team create. They have both thrived in this environment and the team have really done wonders in bringing two quite shy little girls out of their shells. Both daughters will have left with an ability to write their own names and numbers and recognise letters, but more importantly, they are well equipped to enter school life with confidence."
    Mum of 2